About us

Our team of Image consultants will help you choose and design the best attire for every occasion.


 Our boutique is full of the latest in mens clothing. In case you want something for RIGHT NOW.


 If you can wait, our team of BESPOKE Tailors can create to most amazing BESPOKE attire for you, We promise It'll be worth the wait!


We also have a specialty department for Weddings that caters for the Grooms absolute every need. 

This days all the attention is centered around the bride, and the groom is left to fend for himself on the day of the wedding and photoshoot sessions. 

Kingsman provides a groom assistance service, that will be there from start to finish.

Kingsman Fashion Service

Nuestra Boutique y Sastrería, ofrece un servicio completo de confección de prendas a la medida "BESPOKE"

Our Boutique and Tailor store, offers a complete made-to-measure service and experience "BESPOKE"

Prendas hechas a mano, cortadas y cosidas por verdaderos artesanos conocedores de este noble oficio, la sastrería.

Garments made by hand, cut and sewn by true artisans who know the noble craft of Bespoke Tailoring.